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About Us

Who we are

We are a multimedia services company based in Amman, Jordan.

We offer a wide arrangement of talents in all fields of arts including Design and Illustration, Video Game Development, Advertising, Music and Film.

We aim to bring a unique artistic vision through our professional production value. Our goal at Chick Mania is to create pieces of entertainment that we are sure to enjoy ourselves before everyone else!

Chick Mania Entertainment was launched in October, 2016 by two young entrepreneurs.

At first the team was very small, we specialized in Mobile Game development, and filming and producing Short Films, Commercials, Events, and video production. And as time went on, our team grow larger in number and experience, now adding more powerful gadgets to our arsenal.

We have completed a number of projects for clients across the globe including Red Bull, KTM, JObedu and even The Jordanian Armed Forces!

In the gaming field, we have managed to complete and release a game within three months of starting the company, which has ranked number 1 (Overall) on the Jordanian iOS app store!

Our best clients

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Our Features

What can we do?

Mobile Games

Our development team have the skills and the expertise to develop state-of-the-art apps for iOS, and Android devices. We always keep our eyes open for new technologies, so that our apps are always compatible with the latest versions of all mobile operating systems.

Video Production

Also as a video production company, our skilled team make your video better than you imagined, working with passion to develop an initial concept, through storyboarding, filming, editing and post-production, to deliver the finest videos

Music Production & Sound Engineering

With the help of musical artist LemKuuja, we are able to create music for our games, we specialize in all kinds of genres, whether it’s sampled or completely original compositions, we also offer cutting edge mixing and mastering services.

Digital Marketing

As digital marketing continues to become a powerhouse in the marketing world, a company’s digital strategy has become the new life line of its business, that’s why we combine design, media and technology in order for you to achieve greatness

Illustration & Design

We have a top notch team of highly experienced artists specializing in Concept Art, Illustration, Painting, Character and Environment Design in various art styles!

Film & Photography

Photography of course is also involved with our production department, producing high quality commercials and covering the big events

Social Media Marketing

Our skilled social media team will amplify your impact over the social media, allowing you to communicate with your customers more quickly and helping your business get the success it deserves


Reach out to a wider audience through our tailor-made SEO strategies


Reach out to a wider audience through our tailor-made SEO strategies

Some facts about us

We are proud of these numbers




Our portfolio

Our team

Yaser always had passion for games, he also has the creative skills to develop and design games, and when the time came, he decided to bring us chicks together and start a company of his own.

Yaser Reda


It is official, Dawood has a time machine.

He is our 3D guy, just give him a task and he will finish it, make it awesome and wait for the next one, before you’re even done talking.
You want good music, go to Dawood.

Dawood Botai

3D Artist

Kelts is a crucial member of the Chick Mania art team, he has a very unique vision and art style which can convert your imagination into reality.

Kelts Bazadough

2D Artist

The corner stone for any company anywhere on earth is to have a reliable person to manage your finances, and we could never ask for anyone better than Ahmad!

Ahmad Esam


Osama Allama

Head of Photography

Omar Al Alem

Digital Marketing Specialist

Mo’tsem who is also known as Mo3, is the creative director, who mixes the creativity with madness to ensure that entertainment is delivered to you at its finest.

Mo'tasem Awad

Co Founder

Manar is fantastic programmer with a great passion for Video Game Development. Although she hasn’t been here for as long as the other team members, she was able to achieve so much!

Manar Awali

Junior Developer

A truly talented programmer that knows how to spot out problems and solve them in the most efficient way, projects started finishing faster when this guy showed up!

Ahmad Al-Bahar

Senior Developer

Mohannad here is our magician, a real dedicated hard worker.
A developer truly passionate about video games.

Oh, he also uses his magic to make food disappear…
Like all the time…

Mohannad Najjar

Lead Developer & Programmer

Kareem Najjar, also known online as “LemKuuja”, is the man behind many of the artworks and pieces of audio on our products, and most importantly, he’s behind the team member icon drawings!

Kareem Najjar

Artist & Sound Engineer

Whenever we get a commission to shoot a short film or an advertisement, Waseem is our Go-to man every time. He’s an absolute professional with photography!

Waseem Al-Sakran

Video Producer & Cameraman

Lara is always inspired to come up with required eye candy for our team, helping us to achieve the maximum level of entertainment, one more thing, she speaks Japanese when annoyed.

Lara Varouqa

2D Artist & Animator

Yasmeen makes sure that we are seen in our best shape, she is always full of ideas and got that set of skills to make them happen. Known as The crafts lady.

Yasmeen Farmawi

Graphic Designer

Simply put, Ghazi is the front man of the team, the charismatic man that goes to handle all interviews and meetings.

Ghazi Abu Hadhoud

Public Relations

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